External Drives For Xbox One Could Be Announced As Early As E3


Based on the above image via Reddit, Xbox One users could find themselves graced with additional storage drives courtesy of Microsoft in the very near future. It was announced in April that coming soon Microsoft would in fact add an external storage drive to the Xbox One and if the above image which seems quite legit is to be believed as so, then it only makes sense that Microsoft could add this new update to their E3 presser next month.

With games like Battlefield 4 taking up 40GB, Ryse: Son of Rome at 47GB and both Dead Rising 3 and FORZA 5 at 35GB, followed by THIEF taking up 20GB, we’re talking a total of only 5 games capturing almost 180GB of space with an attractive forecast of titles on the way. Let hope the announcement and launch of the external drives for the Xbox One arrives before the rest of this years must-have titles force us to have to free up some storage space.

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