Gaming Heads Kicks Off Mass Effect Series With Impressive Garrus Statue

Gaming Heads have joined forces with Bioware in presenting their latest range of iconic character statues, based on BioWare’s immensely popular Mass Effect Series. Kicking off this range is Garrus, the militant Turian who fights along Commander Shepard.

Fans will recognize Garrus as he is stood in his signature armour, with realistic signs of wear to make it appear as though it has been damaged by gunfire in battle. The paint work is completely hand-finished allowing for impressive detail. Garrus is also armed with his Incisor Sniper rifle, or comes with an exchangeable Phaeston gun in the extra- limited Exclusive Edition. He measures 21 inches tall from the base to the top of his head to create an accurate 1/4 scale. The entire statue is made from polystone resin.

Both versions of the statue are available to pre-order now. The regular edition will be limited to 1000 units and will cost $329.99. The Gaming Heads Exclusive Edition featuring the additional Phaeston gun will be even more limited to just 500 units. It can be bought here for $349.99.


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