Sony Already Making A Profit On PS4 Sales

With the launch of every new console generation, it is understood that console sales are far from the manufacturers immediate bread and butter. In fact, there is great dependence on game sales to buffer that financial loss with each new console sold to retailers. However, if you’re lucky enough and you manage to miraculously come out the gate sprinting the course of a marathon as though induced with some form of illegal substance with no signs of slowing down, the question gets asked, how many consoles does a manufacturer need to sell in order to break even and eventually begin making a profit?

For the PS4 with only 7 months on the market, Sony is currently sprinting a marathon already making a profit with every unit sold. Sitting at over 7 million sold, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai reveals the new platform has been great for business.

“From a profitability perspective, PS4 is also already contributing profit on a hardware unit basis, establishing a very different business framework from that of previous platform businesses,”

With rumors speculating Sony’s involvement in the manufacturing of revised new PS4 and PS3 platforms, could Sony already be in a position to offer an even more affordable PS4 before the years end? Only time will tell.

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