E3 2014: Bungie’s Destiny Off To A Great Start At E3

It seems Bungie is off to a great a start at this years E3 expo. Beginning with last nights Sony press conference reveal where Sony made it a necessary point to express that the best Destiny experience will only be found on the PS4, E3 attendees have been lining up by the droves at the Activision booth to finally get their hands on the Destiny multiplayer experience.

The E3 hands-on affair of Destiny this year allows players to battle it out against one another, guardian vs. guardian in some cool death match battles for the ages. In addition, Bungie has been quite reasonable offering more details into the games overall vision and scope assuring gamers and media personalities alike on the games goods to deliver.

I must say it is quite refreshing to speak with members of the Bungie development fireteam and receive feedback which comes from a place of true humility. It’s hard not to root for these guys wishing their lofty ambitions can be fully realized come September 9, 2014 when Destiny launches worldwide. If you have yet to check out the exciting Destiny E3 trailer from last nights presser, check it out below.

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