Blood of The Werewolf Coming To Xbox Live Today

botw_coverDeveloper Scientifically Proven’s Blood of the Werewolf is making its console debut on the Xbox Live for Xbox 360 later today. Blood of the Werewolf centers on Selena, a woman leading a dual life as a loving wife/mother and one of the last surviving werewolves. Her husband murdered, her child kidnapped, Selena sets out with nothing more than a crossbow and a thirst for vengeance. Experience dynamic gameplay using Selena’s crossbow to thwart enemies from a distance while bringing the fight up close and personal in werewolf form by instantly transforming in light of the full moon. Full air controls add to precision jumps, with a special double jump for werewolves only. Fully upgradeable weapons and hundreds of hidden collectables await you along your journey to help Selena in her battle.

Online leaderboards track your best time, number of deaths and level ranks to support a little friendly competition. Don’t forget to keep your eye out for fireflies; they often lead to special hidden surprises!

Blood of the Werewolf will be available today on Xbox Live for Xbox 360 for $6.99.

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