God of War Director Stig Asmussen Becomes Game Director At Respawn Entertainment

According to Polygon, former God of War III mastermind and creative director Stig Asmussen has committed his undeniable talents at Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment, joining Respawn as game director. At the moment the studio is still relishing in Titanfall success with an all-new update offering new modes for the game in the coming weeks.

Earlier this year it was confirmed that Stig had departed ways with Sony Santa Monica, a move that was quite surprising to say the least. Stig had been apart of the uber Sony studio for over 11 years serving as lead environment artist on God of War, art director on God of War 2 and creative director on God of War 3.

It is also understood that Stig is hard at work at Respawn working on a new project which has nothing to do with Titanfall. More than likely Respawn’s next big thing.  Regardless, we certainly wish him the best of luck. We have no doubt we’ll be blown away when his new project is revealed.

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