Gaming Heads Presents: Kratos 1/4 Statue

vertical_07After the great reception of the awesome 1:1 scale bust of Kratos, Gaming Heads is looking to follow up with a piece just as incredible – Gaming Heads is proud to introduce their brand new 1/4 scale statue of Kratos, entitles ‘Lunging’ Kratos. Kratos becomes the second piece in Gaming Heads God of War line, joining their 1:1 scale bust of Kratos that was unveiled earlier this year.

Never shy of charging hean-on into battle this latest Kratos statue exemplifies the true nature of the demi-god wielding his iconic Blades of Chaos: his deadly pair of chained blades. Like many of Gaming Heads statues, there will be two versions of Kratos: A regular edition (1250 pieces worldwide) and an Exclusive Edition (500 pieces worldwide). The exclusive variant incorporates a light-up feature within the blades themselves, allowing them to slowly fade between red, orange and yellow.

Both editions of Kratos will be available from the first quarter of 2015. The exclusive edition can be pre-ordered here for $349.99. Likewise, the regular edition can be pre-ordered here for $329.99.

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