Swordsman Hero’s Pack Detailed: Hero’s Pack Purchasers Granted Early Access to Open Beta

Perfect World Entertainment is pleased to announce the Hero’s Pack now available for Swordsman, currently in Closed Beta and coming soon to Open Beta. Purchasers of the Hero’s Pack will receive the following items, as well as Early Access to the Open Beta. Dates for the Open Beta will be announced soon.

Blazing Stallion Mount – As quickly as tinder goes up in flame, this steed carries you across Jianghu. Featuring the fastest sprint speed of any mount in game, you will be able to close in on your foes before they even know you’re nearby!

Blade Apprentice Scroll – It’s lonely at the top, unless you have your very own apprentice. Mold young minds in your image with this scroll that grants you access to a unique companion once you have reached Lv25.

Ring of Valor – Make sure you’re never weak with this unique Legendary Ring. With a boost of extra stats right from the beginning of the game, it can be upgraded and re-identified to increase in power with you.

Nomad Body/Head Fashion – Why bother simply being the best, when you could also look it? This exclusive fashion set will make it obvious you know which end of your sword is the pointy one!

East Sector Treasure x600 – Skip the lines and get to the front of the boss summoning queue with enough Treasure to tempt the boss Tien Bokgan out of hiding. Challenging this boss is the fastest way to acquire 5-star gear.

Mithril x10 – Sell to an NPC for a large sum of in-game currency that can be traded with other players for items, ZEN, and more!

The Hero’s Pack retails for $59.99 and is available here: games.arcgames.com/en/prod/swordsman/game-pack/detail/425-hero%27s-pack

Screenshots of the Hero’s Pack can be found here: www.dropbox.com/sh/xf2gyr4qy1igq5i/AABJrEe-aLPt9IBHv5ocpGWRa

More information on Swordsman can be found here: community.arcgames.com/en/news/swordsman

Swordsman is a free-to-play martial arts and wuxia-inspired MMORPG, set in the rich universe based on the immensely popular wuxia novels of award-winning novelist Louis Cha, who has sold over 100 million books worldwide. As a disciple of one of Swordsman’s ten class-defining martial art schools, players begin their journey to master legendary fighting skills by engaging in fierce action-packed combat with members of rival schools and the powerful Ming government.

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