Updates Revealed LEGO Minifigurines Online Open Beta

lego_minifigures_online_7With the Open Beta for LEGO Minifigures Online now underway, the game is now set to launch later this fall, and throughout the coming months of Open Beta and beyond players will see the game grow and expand as new content and gameplay is introduced.

The game is currently available for play on the Windows PC, and the developers are hard at work preparing tablet versions of the game which will be available later this year.

Based on the hugely popular Minifigures series of collectible toys, LEGO Minifigures Online is a free-to-play game where players get to collect countless Minifigures, discover their unique abilities, and take them out on great adventures through colorful LEGO worlds together with thousands of other players.

Currently players can explore exciting locations in Pirate World, Medieval World and Space World, but the developers are hard at work finishing up more great content. More worlds will be added, and coming up next in Open Beta is the legendary Mythology World, where players get to visit the Underworld and even battle Hades himself. Players can also look forward to new gameplay mechanics, such as a new and super fun way to collect minifigures.

To join the fun, please visit www.playminifigures.com to download the game.

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