Killzone Shadow Fall Now Just $19.99 On Amazon For A Physical Copy

So you just picked up a PS4 and your friends have been begging you to jump into the new co-op mode action of Killone Shadow Fall Intercept, well now Amazon is offering a great deal on the game for an affordable low price. At the moment you can snag Killzone Shadow Fall for only $19.99 from Amazon for the physical copy. If you want the digital copy you’ll be spending $39.99.

While Killzone Shadow Fall doesn’t have the same multiplayer size community of shooters like Call of Duty Ghost or Battlefield 4, new players jumping into the Killzone SF fray will be more than stimulated with the community that awaits. As mentioned before, with the addition of the co-op mode entitled Intercept added the game, new players will be spending months in the Shadow Fall universe.

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