Lords of Xulima in Steam Early Access on Friday, August 8th – Watch The Official Trailer

Numantian Games today shows off the new Steam Early Access trailer for Lords of Xulima, alongside of the launch of the official Steam Store Page.

Lords of Xulim a is an original fantasy RPG with over 100 hours of gameplay, strategic turn-based combat, and hand-drawn 2D graphics mixed with 3D models. The early version included about 50-60% of the game (about 50 hours of gameplay time). In the coming weeks, Numantian Games will unlock the rest of the content, and as promised, the new class “Divine Summoner” and the special artifact, the Talisman of Golot.

Lords of Xulima, is a 2D isometric, turn-based RPG, which takes place in the continent of Xulima. With addictive and strategic gameplay, players will guide a party of six through an epic struggle between gods and men. Customize your party with 9 classes and over 100 different skills. Lords of Xulima is inspired by classic, legendary sagas such as Ultima™ and Might & Magic™ but with a modern interface and enchanting visuals. Players will embark on an epic journey, where they can freely explore each unique region based on their own preferences and skill level. Combat is one of the fundamental pillars of Lords of Xulima, as there is an infinite amount of strategies against the 100 diverse creatures that inhabit Xulima.

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