Game Insider Magazine: Rainbow Six Siege Cover Story Issue Now Available

July Issue Cover Art_Page_01Our latest issue of Game Insider is now live and available to be enjoyed at your viewing pleasure. This issue features our insider look at Ubisoft’s upcoming cooperative shooter extravaganza Rainbow Six: Siege as our latest 10 page cover story. PS Vita users should also be excited with this issue as we fill you in on more gameplay details and features coming to Freedom Wars landing exclusive on Sony’s handheld this year. Xbox One users eager for a few more details on the next epic indie title coming to the next-gen platform from Playdead, creators of Limbo known as INSIDE are in luck as we shed more light on the ambitious new adventure coming first to Xbox One.

From Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Hyrule Warriors and the The Order 1886 to Styx Master of Shadows, Assassin’s Creed Unity and some cool Mortal Kombat X Raiden variation combat this latest issue has you covered.

In addition, we take a closer look at AZTEZ, the brutal 2D action combat adventure from Team Colorblind with our exclusive one-on-one interview with the games lead combat and art designer Ben Ruiz. All of this and much more is now ready to be read and enjoyed for FREE!

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