Flintlock Studios Announces Their First In-House Game – ‘Lithic’

Set in a pre-historic fantasy universe, players will be able to explore the concept of cultural and technological evolution from primitives incapable of speech, through to forming advanced stone tool technology. Combining real time strategy gameplay with RPG elements, Lithic allows players to build the origins of society in a universe where magic abounds yet is untamed and the environment is as much the enemy as other creatures are.

Lithic begins when a race of reptilian humanoids, the Ix, complete a ritual that brings the Gods they worship into the Material Plane and consequently the resulting energy destroyed a large section of the planet. The gods, ethereal Creator Spirits were thrust into the bodies of creatures on the planet, whilst others were bound to the trees and rocks, the rivers and soil. Those lucky enough to find themselves bound to the sentient denizens discovered that they could influence their host’s behaviour, this chance occurrence allowing them to use these primitive tribes to find a way to return home.

Players will find themselves in control of a tribe of one of four playable races via the influence of a Creator Spirit. Technology and skills learnt will be held by individuals and players must influence the spread of knowledge amongst the rest of the tribe. Death will be a permanent feature within Lithic and the death of a tribe member is the death of any knowledge they hold.

Lithic is in active development by Flintlock Studios, an independent team based in the UK. It is being built in Unity 3D and is currently planned for release on the Windows platform in 2015.

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