Infamous First Light Review – Fetch Shines In Digital Debut

Sucker Punch has finally released Infamous First Light, the extended story arch to Infamous Second Son starring Delsin Rowe. Now Sucker Punch places fans in the more than capable hands of Abigail Walker who you would better remember as Fetch, the purple haired goth chick, with incredible neon light conduit abilities, who seemed to have serious big brother issues and hell bent on extinguishing the planet of all drug dealers during your time as Delsin Rowe.

The story of First Light is in fact a prequel to the main story of Second Son, still based in the gloomy and wet, beautifully depicted Seattle skyline. First Light tells a narrative solely centered-around Fetch prior to her run-in with Delsin, giving fans a full inside look at this impressive heroine. The introduction of Fetch in Second Son raised the question of what it would be like to actually be given the keys to the city as a female conduit – based on this digital slice of pie, we will gladly take seconds, Fetch is awesome!

Like most conduits who must come to grips with their new abilities and how their mutant like powers might make them different to the world around them, Fetch is no different. However, Fetch has the loyalty and companionship luxury of a big brother named Brent who despite her conduit abilities, respects her while maintaining an understanding which is directly related to her powers.


According to this bite size campaign, once Brent goes missing, Fetch at all cost takes to discovering his whereabouts in order to meet up with him so they can start a new life. However, what you soon discover is that the events you are playing are not current. In fact, Fetch is descriptively telling her story to Brook Augustine, the head of the D.U.P, before once again coming full circle with her vast conduit abilities and the one person who caused her to do the unthinkable.

Much like Second Son, Sucker Punch allows Fetch full run of the highly detailed city only on a somewhat smaller scale. Many of the locales presented in Second Son make a return in First Light, however based on the gameplay style, interactive leveling and straightforward story approach, everything feels fresh and new.

Fetch is a prisoner of the D.U.P, now explaining her past to Ms. Augustine. Yet Ms. Augustine has her own motives behind her interest in hearing about her prisoners past. During these one on one session’s after Fetch has revealed more of her past, Fetch is required to push herself and her abilities by demonstrating her conduit prowess on virtual enemies. The more narrative story revealed the more powerful Fetch expresses herself, unraveling more of her dark past through regrettable memories.


Through these training exercises player become more familiar with how to utilize Fetch and her increasing powers. Although Fetch is primarily a neon conduit unlike the jack of all trades Deslin Rowe, playing with Fetch seems more in line and memorable to playing as Cole McGrath. While Delsin Rowe is a solid character, the origin of Fetch much like Cole seems to come from a place of great sorrow and loss, making her moments of gameplay triumph and destruction that much more meaningful. You truly feel like a badass leveling up this character and at the same time you also must be aware of your surroundings and the opposition.

Aside from her neon conduit ability to literally run up, across and around any surface, Sucker Punch also equips Fetch with some formidable upgrades. Acquiring these upgrades come by way of users reaping havoc on the enemy by any means necessary, enabling Fetch to obtain lumens. Lumens much like shards in Second Son are your upgrade currency allowing Fetch to level up different aspects of her repertoire according to how the player desires to approach the experience.

Sucker Punch even brings back the wall tagging side missions to First Light which are quite tasteful, illuminating vivid bright lighting upon different objects during the night. Did I mention the game was gorgeous or is that to be expected as a PS4 exclusive? Whatever the case, the game is serious eye candy. In addition, other side quest were identifying and destroying air drones, freeing hostages, acquiring neon lumens throughout the city or chasing larger lumens via the lumen races.

Much like Second Son, plenty of butt-kicking is rewarded with a spectacular show stopping execution which Fetch can unleash on her enemies in the form of a neon singularity that never disappoints. Simply tap the directional pad down when the meter is full and Fetch goes into her cinematic finisher move, creating a vortex sphere of energy which fills the sky while sucking (cars, people, debris) everything in its proximity into a concentrated center before erupting into a massive and fatal explosion.


First Light answers those questions left open by Second Son concerning Fetch and her lust for blood from drug dealers. You also understand why her brother means so much to her. Fetch has many layers of discovery much like Cole or so it seems. Her character evolvement leaves much for the imagination as this 4 hour romp is full of surprises. On the normal difficulty I was able to knock out the game in a little under 4 hours, 3 hours and 54 minutes to be exact, however this did not include scouring the complete map and all of its goodies. If you’re a stickler for completing everything in the game you can easily spend over 6 hours.

Being the hardcore fan of the Infamous series, I mentioned in our Second Son review that Infamous 2 was the better game and now I can easily state that First Light is a great step in right direction. Fetch is incredibly powerful yet psychologically vulnerable, you genuinely are rooting for her success and playing as her character is purely fun and exciting.

Infamous First Light is a great time on the PS4 and definitely a must play for Infamous fans.


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