Game Insider Brain Dump Episode #16 – Hardware Sales, Xbox One Still Has A Chance or Not and The Metro 2033 Redux Excites

In this weeks editor Brain Dump in episode #16 Derrick Smith and Joshua Bouie discuss the games they’ve been playing such as Metro 2033 Redux
Infamous First Light, Last Tinker City of Colors, Counter Spy and the creepy new P.T. demo also known as Silent Hills.

In addition, topics of discussion were centered around the latest VGChartz hardware sales ending the week of August 23 with reflections listed below:
PS4 / US (57,628) Europe (65,983) Japan (5,669) – 159,285
Wii U / US (23,123) Europe (18,742) Japan (8,136) – 54,254
Xbox One / US (35,953) Europe (12,016) Japan (N/A) – 53,207

We also discuss what could be the Xbox One’s window of opportunity from September 30th to November 11th as the Xbox faithful will be seeing a barrage of great multiplatform and exclusive games coming to the Xbox One. Where are all the Xbox 360 remasters for the Xbox One? We make a list of great 360 only titles that should make their way to Xbox One on as remasters – A Marcus Fenix Collection sounds amazing for the Xbox One.

Beyond Two Souls: Director’s Cut Coming To PS4, Warframe’s latest update improves the game immensely – landing on Xbox One Sept 2, we haven’t been this excited for COD In a long time and Nintendo probably doesn’t realize how leverage they actually have and 

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