Sony Bringing ‘Themes’ To PS4 & PS Vita This Fall Along with ‘Live From Playstation’ App To PS Vita For PS4 Live Streams

During yesterdays early morning SCEJA presser held in Tokyo, Sony officially announced new features such as ‘Themes’ would be coming to both the PS4 and PS Vita this fall in update v2.oo for the PS4 and v3.30 for the PS Vita. This confirms that Themes will come to the PS4 alongside the new Youtube app, folders and the exciting new SharePlay feature.

As the Playstation blog points out, Themes are among the most requested features from PS4 owners due to it successful influence on the PS3.

In addition, Sony this Fall will enable PS Vita users to watch PS4 live streams from Twitch and USTREAM through the “Live from PlayStation” app arriving to the PS Vita.

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