Brilliant Writer Walt Williams Leaves 2K Games

maxresdefaultThe creative and brilliant writer Walt Williams who spent the last 9 years with 2K Games has called it quits from the Spec Ops publisher. Williams most noted contributions can be measured when he served as the lead writer for Spec Ops: The Line as well as senior writer on upcoming new titles Evolve and Civilization: Beyond Earth.

So, what’s next for one of the industries most recognized talents, “I’m not leaving games, but I am leaving AAA,” – “Not because I don’t love it — I totally do. I just want to try something new.

“I’ll still be working in games, but in the background. Which means there won’t be a ‘next game’ for a while. BUT– there will be books,”

So there you have it. Big fans of Mr. Williams work, we’ll remain vigilant, keeping our ears to the pavement to reveal any new updates from the works of Walt Williams.

Thanks CVG

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