DESTINY: Join Us As We Begin Streaming Live @ 12:10am PST

Please join us as we will begin streaming our Destiny walkthrough @12:01am PST on our official Twitch channel where we will join other noble Guardians as we tackle this universe together.

While our fellow Guardians in the UK are full steam ahead already ranking up in BUNGIE’s highly anticipated massive shooter, US gamers are only some 6 hours away from staking their claim to the hot new shooter. Releasing worldwide today at 12:01 midnight September 9th, Destiny is the most pre-ordered new video game IP in history and has won over 180 awards and nominations, setting the stage for Destiny to become one of the biggest entertainment launches of the year and the next big blockbuster franchise in gaming. Earlier this year, over 4.6 million people tested Destiny in what became the biggest console beta of this console generation.

“Destiny has been a labour of love and a remarkable creative journey for everyone at Activision and Bungie,” said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing Inc. “We feel that we have the opportunity to launch something huge – not just into the gaming landscape, but the pop cultural landscape. Arriving at our launch day with this much support and enthusiasm from fans and retailers is downright exciting. Moments like this just don’t come around very often.”


“Destiny is the game we’ve always wanted to make,” said Harold Ryan, Bungie president. “We’ve dreamt of this universe for years, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to swing open the doors and let fans shape this experience as they tell their unique stories in the game. For us, the next generation of games is all about allowing players to collide and interact with each other as they take on epic, action packed adventures all their own.”

For you hardcore Destiny fans who have been clamoring for anything Destiny related for the past year, you of course know all there is to know about the game at this point, however there may be some lonesome soul out there unfamiliar with this unstoppable hype train.

In Destiny, you are cast as a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to explore the ancient ruins of our solar system in a social, living universe filled with other players. You will journey through environments spanning the red dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus while creating your own legend as you and your friends venture out into the stars to reclaim the treasures and secrets lost after the collapse of humanity. Over the course of your adventures you will become more powerful, able to wield rare and exotic weapons, gear and super abilities. In addition to the story campaign, you can take your unique character into any co-operative or competitive activity, including the ability to compete with or against your friends in The Crucible, Destiny’s competitive multiplayer mode featuring numerous playlists and maps spanning diverse environments across the galaxy.

That is Destiny in a hut shell which doesn’t even scratch the surface – but if you want  to find out more join us as we also take to this epic experience @ 12:10am PST on our official Twitch channel where we will be streaming the game live.


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