Destiny: Review In Progress…What We Think So Far?

BUNGIE’s next big interactive revolution is finally here and we’ll just go ahead and preface this by assuming that most of you reading this are full steam ahead increasing the rank of your mighty Guardian Hunter, Warlock and or Titan. At the moment my brave Guardian male Exo Hunter is sitting at level 18, already battle tested in some of the solar systems most formidable settings.

Your Guardian brethren has traversed the Devil’s Lair of Earth, approached death in the bowels of the Moon, been almost outgunned and outmaneuvered by the intimidating Vex of Venus, stood face to face against the 800 pound military might of the Cabal while on Mars and has held court in the outer Reef with her majesty of the Awoken race and I now live to tell the tale, partially.

Questioning whether Destiny has truly lived up to the hype which preceded its highly anticipated launch might be an unfair approach to why one should experience the responsibility of a Guardian. I would venture that most games could not possibly match such lofty expectations. However, after braving some of the most memorable and epic cooperative missions with my fellow Guardians while inhaling the massively distinct level designs which gives audience to your lust for carnage and there should be no question Destiny is a grand and epic experience. Destiny is a great shooter borrowing from other great shooters with the likes of Mass Effect, HALO and Borderlands immediately coming to mind.


With the games story in our rear view as we have bested the campaign (all played on HARD I might add) I can’t help but recall my pre-launch expectations of this robust open world sandbox of freedom, so I hoped. My expectation ran wild in hopes of Destiny potentially besting the likes of Skyrim or and the Grand Theft Autos of the world in sheer size, scope and more importantly discovery. At the moment, that is greatly debatable.

Free-roaming or going on patrol in Destiny as it is explained on your planet viewer can be interpreted as the ability to go wherever you desire however, what the eye sees in the distance isn’t necessarily reachable, in fact most things are not. Going on patrol as a Guardian, aside from the more than entertaining and random public events, discovering other randomly generated and organic situations could have breathed more life into the excitement of venturing out. At the moment everyone who plays Destiny will more than likely come across the same locales while on patrol placing enemies in their cross-hairs. And some might find more golden chests than others or some hidden path leading to more enemies to dispatch. Yet I’m still looking for that undiscovered relic to be had that only few might find that I’ve acquired by discovering a nest of enemies who at one point infiltrated the tower undetected, stealing a precious artifact. No this is not something you can actual discover is Destiny but it sure would be nice if you could.

As displayed at the tower, not everyone can claim to be a Guardian. Take a look over the ridge as you arrive at the tower and below reveals a sort of inhabitant living. Could there possibly be non-threatening inhabitants on Earth or other planets with which to aid who are trapped in some far off and deep cave who have relayed a distress signal to the tower. Could other Guardians on distant planets like Venus who have become prisoners of war be desperately awaiting your arrival. How about during one of your fireteam raids on Mars you discover a Cabal soldier who wants to defect, yet to build his trust with you he must aid you in acquiring some rare find which the Traveller needs. One could go on and on listing the possibilities on how to add more meaningful narrative experiences to the already impressive joyride of Destiny.


While taking much from the experience so far, Destiny has a unique way of pressing the imagination for more. Thankfully that impressive BUNGIE AI is back especially while playing mission and objective types on the harder difficulty which richly rewards your efforts. Going it alone is fun but pales in comparison to fighting alongside friends. Despite the fact that Destiny is built around a cooperative engagement, I imagine how cool it would be if certain rewards from near impossible accomplishments were only given to lone Guardians? But there I go again, trying to make Destiny even better. Trust that BUNGIE doesn’t need my help, just as long as future and hopefully immediate updates offer unique experiences.

With our review in the works in the coming days, at the moment we are enjoying our time in the Destiny universe. Nevertheless we do have concerns; we want to care more about the Traveller. Discoveries off the beating bath of the campaign need to be more tangible and organic, possibly relating to the different races of Guardians some how. How did the Humans, Exo and Awoken races join together under the Guardian counsel and for the life of me I would love background knowledge on the three races? If not in the tower, how do the races of people you are sworn to protect live and are they ever in any immediate danger? The overall campaigns narrative leaves much room for discovery while slightly missing the mark of compelling. Again, many questions are just not answered…at the moment.

If you want to know whether or not Destiny is a thrilling shooter, the answer is a resounding yes, however it does have some glaring holes that keep it from being the revolutionary experience we hoped for.

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