Little Big Planet PS Vita Marvel Super Edition Arriving For The Holidays

In hopes of complimenting the arrival of Little Big Planet 3 this holiday, Sony is bringing their PS Vita users a pretty cool treat.

Little Big Planet: Marvel Super Hero Edition features the original game plus a load of additional Marvel content. Included are three exciting mini-games, starring some of the most popular Marvel Super Heroes, 18 Marvel character costumes you can use when dressing your Sackboy or Sackgirl of course, along with tons of new items for creating your own levels.

In the original game, you get to journey and interact with Little Big Planet like never before using the touch-feely magic of PS Vita. The traveling planet of Carnivalia is a jam-packed playground where an Evil Puppeteer has brought doom and gloom. When you’ve done that, why not try out the create tools and conjure up your own levels and games, then share them with the rest of the world?

The Marvel mini-games feature some of the most popular Marvel heroes, Avengers: Ultimate Escape, S.H.I.E.L.D Interceptor and Hero Rush. There are loads of stages to complete. If that’s not enough…you get all these costumes to dress up your Sackboy too: Iron Man, Daredevil, Dr. Octopus, Thor, Spider-Man, Elektra, Ghost Rider, Captain America, Venom, Hulk, Punisher, Green Goblin, Black Widow, Star Lord, Iron Fist, Nova, Black Cat and Hawkeye. Plus loads of stickers, decorations, effects and objects to craft your own super hero adventures.

Little Big Planet: Marvel Super Hero Edition will be available November 19th.

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