Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Has Blown Us Away – Watch This Latest ‘Forge your Nemesis’ Trailer

If you’re asking yourself ‘why are we showing you this trailer despite the game already being released’, well because the game is freaking awesome, yes I said freaking. This latest trailer reveals the ‘Forge your Nemesis’ update as seen through the eyes of the Uruk army. Players watch the rise of a single Uruk as he ascends within Sauron’s army and becomes Talion’s personal nemesis.

Also, this weekend players will be able to compete in the Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Test of Challenge Mode to rank on the Challenge Leaderboard. Players can build their legend by taking down an exclusive Legion of Sauron’s forces this weekend through the Test of Power Challenge Mode starting Friday, October 3rd at 5pm BST through to Sunday 5th October 5 at 5am BST. Gamers will compete and see the best scores on the Challenge Leaderboard.

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