DriveClub PS+ Edition: A No-Show For Plus Members At The Moment

As of today PS4 users eager to destroy the roads in DriveClub can do just that for $59.99 or for $49.99 for PS Plus members. But what about the users who are still on the fence needing to test drive first before committing to the full asking price. The review roundups coming in today on Metcritic has DriveClub as of this update, sitting at an average of 74% based on 42 critic reviews. Not too shabby!

While I can tell you from experience, DriveClub is truly a gorgeous driving visual experience with more than impressive environmental aesthetics aggressively fighting for your attention at every turn, many gamers are still expecting to play the promised demo for Plus members. Taking a stroll over to your Playstation Plus October update via your PS4 and you’re introduced to a video which at the moment showcases the FREE DriveClub Playstation Plus Edition said to offer 11 tracks along with 10 cars, unfortunately the option to experience this is not available.

As of now, while the PS Store has been updated, the PS+ edition of DriveClub is a no-show. We hope before days end you’ll be able to jump into the game and give a test drive. When it does come available, we’ll be sure to update this post, so keep it locked here on Game Insider.

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