Xbox One Out Sells PS4 For September In The U.S. According To Analyst

According to VentureBeat, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Patcher has summed up the console race for the month of September with the Xbox One finally out-dueling the PS4. Patcher estimates that Microsoft sold 325,000 Xbox One consoles in the U.S. with the rival Sony PS4 finishing the month with 250,000 consoles sold.

“We expect Xbox One sales to exceed those of the PS4 for only the second month since launch,” said Pachter in a note to investors. “From Sept. 7 through [Sept.] 13, Microsoft offered a free game with the purchase of a new Xbox One at participating retailers,”

If you’re asking yourself how could this be, come Thursday the official NPD sales report will most certainly offer more validity to these speculative findings. However, September was a great month for both platforms. While Sony was well positioned to ride the Destiny wave with their attractive white glacier PS4 Destiny bundle which sold like hotcakes, Microsoft not only bundled the Xbox One with Madden 15 for only $399, they also offered any free Xbox One game when you purchase an Xbox One from Sept 7-13, just in time to grab a free copy of Destiny, which is a smoking deal when you’re still on the fence about which platform to roll with.

Again, Thursday this week we’ll see what those official U.S. numbers are looking like. If in fact the Xbox One has finally snagged a month from the PS4, it will be first and I would encourage Microsoft to ride that (buy an Xbox One and get any game for free) momentum as long as they can.

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