Nidhogg Review – A Bite-Size Fun and Fast Paced Stabby-Stab

Here is a quick review for a quick and very short game. Nidhogg is a local and online multiplayer 2D 1v1 sword fighting game. It looks like a fast paced mix between King’s Quest and Atari Tank Battle. It is very fast paced and is perfect for local multiplayer like TowerFall and SportsFriends introduced to the PS4 earlier this year.

Nidhogg elicits loud, gleeful yelling, trash talking and outbursts of laughter when someone just runs or jumps into your sword with no effort of your own. A “How to” button on the main menu is a great resource to show you that the mechanics are somewhat deep with disarming moves, unarmed moves and the always fun “huck the sword” move.

Nidhogg is very unique and deserves a place in your digital collection for local multiplayer alone. Nidhogg also offers online matchmaking and friend invites on top of a single player mode that make it palatable to people that do not have other gamers physically around them. This is a cross buy PS4/Vita title and on the Vita you can play with a friend on the same Vita with each player using one of the two analog sticks.


In the single player mode you play through computer controlled opponents. Each computer has their own unique strategy and speed which makes you think more strategically then most human opponents. Nidhogg is a tug-o-war type objective system with delayed respawns and infinite lives. Each time you kill your opponent you try and run as far as possible to their side of the castle, cloud, mine, forest, etc. until they are able to impede your progress.

This also translates into the aggressor trying to jump over the defender every time they respawn. You run through multiple screen or check points until you get to the finish line of sorts and that is where the name of the game is understood. In a day and age of 60 hour campaigns and endless load screens it is refreshing to have a quick, fun, trash talking, stabby-stab with friends.


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