Samurai Warrior 4 Launching In Europe October 24

Currently available in the U.S., Samurai Warriors 4 launches in Europe this Friday October 24th for the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Samurai Warriors 4 pays tribute to a decade of the tactical action WARRIORS brand that has sold over 34 million units worldwide with a new chapter of the Warring States saga and the franchise’s first-ever appearance on new generation systems with its release on PS4 The ever-evolving series offers an entirely new Samurai Warrior experience with an abundance of new content and upgrades including devastating attacks, numerous gameplay and story modes in stunning HD resolutions.

Samurai Warrior 4 offers an impressive roster of 55 playable characters including new warriors and returning favorites which have received major graphical upgrades and rearranged battle moves. Eradicating the enemy ranks is more thrilling than ever with new maneuvers including Hyper Attacks which allow for rapid movement on the battlefield, a powerful Rage Attack and deadly finishing moves with Mighty Strikes.

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