Sony’s New Share Play Feature Is A Serious Game Changer For PS4

With a full day under their belt after releasing their latest version 2.00 PS4 update, Sony has been working around the clock to iron out any server errors which has prevented many users from fully utilizing the updates new features. In our recent update we also expressed which features were giving us issues as well.

Fortunately at the moment, every single enhancement of the update is firing on all cylinders…for us at least. From attaching our Youtube account, uploading music from a usb, adding any of the four themes, in addition to changing the ‘Flow’ background. Voice chat has been given a sound boost when chatting with friends for more clarity, we can also ‘Limit the number of content items on the home screen’ which stores content to your library. All of the the new voice commands and friends list aesthetics work smoothly, however, of all the nice updates in version 2.00, the biggest game changer so far has to be the Share Play feature.

Upon hearing that Sony would allow PS4 users to actually be given control of their friends games even if they did not own the game, the idea seemed bold and exciting. Yet with all the uncertainties associated with limited internet connections, allowing users to hand their virtual controller off to friends raised questions on stability. After synching up with friends utilizing the service for games such Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Warframe, Destiny as well as Killzone Shadow Fall, we can safely say the service definitely works.


Once you hand your virtual controller over to your friend, Share Play does knock the resolution down to 720p on your friends end while the host can still watch the gameplay at 1080p. There are also times when as the friend playing the 1 hour session, the resolution can drop considerably. In addition, there is a slight connection lag during Share Play. For example, during a play session with Shadow of Mordor, while the majority of the experience played smooth, it was painstakingly difficult to accurately aim the bow. We also jumped in a multiplayer session of Destiny and Killzone Shadow Fall and found success gunning down enemy players, although there was still a slight response lag resulting in a few quick multiplayer deaths.

One thing we were not able to get working was the ability to hand off the virtual controller for two player cooperative multiplayer action. While the friend would be notified that they have been giving the second controller in addition to the light bar turning red indicating player 2, we could never seem to get this working for any cooperative multiplayer games. Maybe user error could be in question here, so if you’ve been able to get this particular aspect of Share Play to work for you leave us message in the comments.

Aside from slight connection delays while playing and occasional resolution drops, Sony scores big with Share Play. Cross-game chat for the Xbox 360 brilliantly cemented user loyalty to the hardware, regardless of the platforms early system failures. Share Play takes the idea of cross-game chat to a completely new level of social interaction. As the Share Play kinks are ironing out it will only get better. With the PS4 currently moving full steam ahead of the competition in the market, the actuality of the unique Share Play feature places emphatic emphasis on Sony’s flagship system as the hardware of privilege.

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