Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Review – More Mature and Challenging Than Its Predecessor

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is a sequel made pretty quickly after the original but really delivers on all fronts. If you never played the original I would start there. It is a great game and if you want more I will be waiting for you here.

Now for the initiated Danganronpa fans. Danganronpa 2 is more of the Japanese vicious, salacious and off the wall humor and drama from the first Danganronpa but turned up to 11. To list off all of the emotions expressed in this game would just be listing off all emotions. Instead of resting on its laurels Danganronpa 2 has a revamped art style, new setting, a new cast and new logic games. The one thing that really lifts Danganronpa 2 above the Danganronpa: THH is the characters, at first you might feel nostalgic about the original cast but once Danganronpa 2 gets going the new cast really shows the depth and heart that the first cast did not have as much.


Danganronpa 2 still brings the crazy but really communicates the friendship barricaded on all sides and its effects better than its predecessor. Another thing I really liked about Danganronpa 2 is that they really lean into the fact that you are not solving the murders on your own but relying on others so you all can live. This means you will end up getting rushed through investigations and you feel the dread that you do not know enough but with the support of your friends you end up solving even more complicated and devious murders than in the first game. I really felt connected to most of the victims and even some of the murderers in this game and the twists and turns in the story keep you wondering what is coming next. Some of the most fun I had in Danganronpa 2 is seeing how they incorporate mundane interactions and conversations into solving current and future murders.

I turned up the game and logic difficulty one click to Kind in Danganronpa 2, now that I understand the mechanics of the game. I definitely got stuck more but I really can only point at one case that got frustrating. This is quite a feat in retrospect when you look at how complicated and exacting the murders get in Danganronpa 2. I would suggest finding a decent wiki to consult when you get close to death if you are struggling, I only consulted mine in two of the cases. The increased difficulty is definitely worst because the game does not give you any answers.


Danganronpa 2 also changed up a few of their logic games to make them less obvious, but still try and give you a way to figure it out if you are stumped. As an aside, both Danganronpa games are mature with this game certainly giving more reasons for the rating than the first game.

Danganronpa 2: Good bye Despair is another great game in the Murder Mystery Interactive Novel genre. While it is accessible it gives you enough challenge and twists to make you feel like you are solving the cases and being a part of the world. The characters make you laugh, piss you off and yes even tear up with their rants and interactions in a way you cannot get from most traditional video games.


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