Valiant Hearts: The Great War – Interactive Comic Book Now On iOS

Owners of Valiant Hearts: The Great War on iOS can now download an interactive comic book inspired by events in the game

Ubisoft recently announced that Valiant Hearts: Dogs of War, the interactive comic book inspired by the Valiant Hearts universe is now available for free to all Valiant Hearts: The Great War owners on iOS devices. Valiant Hearts: The Great War tells the story of four lives crossed with tragedy and triumph during The Great War, and is available to download on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, PC and iOS.

This interactive comic book tells the backstory of Walt, the faithful and beloved canine companion from Valiant Hearts. As the main character of the book, Walt will share his adventures alongside his sister, Cassie. The loveable pair grew up together until one day events of The Great War sent them down vastly different paths. In this tale of heroism, both dogs are thrown into the maze of trenches across the Western Front, and will have to navigate their own way towards survival amidst the horror of the war. Walt and Cassie won’t share a common fate: while one will become a messenger, the other will become a medic who rescues fallen soldiers. Thanks to intuitive touch navigation, an animated comic style, music and sound effects, the interactive comic book is brought to life and improves the entire reading experience.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War is currently available to download on the App Store. The first chapter is available for $4.99, the next 3 chapters are available as separate episodes for $3.99 each, or in a three-episode package for $8.99. All four chapters are available now. The Dogs of War interactive comic book is available for free to all owners of the iOS game.

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