The Wolf Among Us Review: Telltale Games Carves Another Great Interactive Story

Another great interactive story game from Telltale Games in the vein of the Walking Dead Seasons 1&2. The Wolf Among Us is a whirlwind of emotions, actions, characters and dialog options. You are cast as The Big Bad Wolf (Bigby) turned detective in a hidden society of fables/fairy tales/folklore/superstitions in the middle of New York City.

You, as Bigby, have to keep the peace, enforce the rules and solve the issues that arise in this powder keg.  I loved the humor, grey area decisions, and action scenes in this game and practically every episode introduces new characters to help or hurt. The art styles is like that of a comic book or cell-shaded for the initiated. The art style is extremely well done and brings out the emotions and humanity of each character. Similar games are more about relationships and how people perceive you, but The Wolf Among Us is about that and more. You, as Bigby, are tasked with things like choosing which lead to investigate first, finding all of the right clues or catching people in lies.


This system is very rewarding as I saw someone fumble through a sequence and not learn as much about the situation as I did. You really have to be on your mental toes in arguments because people will accuse you of things you did not do and you need to correct them to set the record straight. The action sequences are brutal and rewarding with choices like what to beat people up with or how to defend yourself. In the action sequences you can also miss the required action and get beat up instead of dishing it out. I never saw a gameover screen, unlike in the Walking Dead, but I never got that deep in missing prompts.

The characters are really what makes this game, from funny, to menacing, to just plain drunk the characters are full of surprises and hard decisions. The characters will persuade or lie to you to get you to do things that will bite you later. You have to make your own decisions because the game does not have a morality system telling you which is the right decision and or nice response.


All action sequences are done with QTEs or Quick Time Events when you are prompted to hit a specific button or move the analog sticks in the right direction. To all of the Walking Dead veterans, this game has all of the trappings of the Walking Dead games, plus many more great ideas and weighty situations without all of the deep depression. I am not super into fairy tales, I do not watch Grimm and I tried to watch Once Upon a Time and found it corny and dumb, but I loved this game. The Wolf Among Us did not just go down the Disney Library and use every well know characters but made characters from all sorts of folklore and fairy tales to create a world that is both familiar and foreign.

As an aside, the 2nd episode has a scene in a strip club containing nudity but there are no sexual acts in the game and even that scene is not a traditional strip club scene of debauchery. The characters, dialog, decisions, action, lore, sound, and art style make The Wolf Among Us a rich world of possibilities and a great first season for Telltale Games.

I hope they continue to weave tales about Fabletown into the future and keep me on the edge of my seat.


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