Ready At Dawn Aims To Define ‘The Order 1886’ Experience With Compelling ‘Sound’

Since the initial announcement of The Order: 1886, developer Ready At Dawn Studios has revealed some of the games technology, gameplay as well as the stunning art behind the game. One of the areas which has not yet been explored during its development process was the music. With all the effort put into creating this compelling world, Ready At Dawn understands that it would be extremely demanding of how music would be composed for the game and especially who would be their partner in crime bringing this epic tale together with sound.

As Ru Weerasuriya, CEO and creative director of Ready At Dawn Studios points out, “We didn’t just want a score; we were seeking a ‘sound’ that would define our world. We wanted to be inspired by whoever would join us to achieve this. The question was where to start.”

Weerasuriya goes on to explain, “The initial foray into our musical exploration came in the form of an unlikely meeting between two of the most accomplished composers in the gaming industry; Jason Graves (Dead Space, Tomb Raider) and Austin Wintory (Journey). After a crash course on the IP and a heavy download of years of material, we waited with bated breath for the first signs of musical life. Though short, their collaboration spawned “The Knights’ Theme” and was the spark that kindled the sound that would define our world.”

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