Street Fighter V Becomes A PS4 Console Exclusive?

All signs point at Street Fighter V heading exclusively to the PS4 and PC. Street Fighter V marks the latest third-party title exclusive by one new-gen console platform. Before this, Microsoft announced they had acquired the exclusive rights to the upcoming Tomb Raider while shortly after, speculation flooded the net supporting a timed exclusive. In addition, Nintendo also stepped up to the plate leveraging the exclusive rights to Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U.

For years Street Fighter has been a multiplatform hit for each platform it has represented. By Sony leveraging SFV as a PS4 console exclusive alongside their Worldwide Studios first-party offerings, this reveals that Sony is more than willing to spend the necessary dollars to keep their one shining beacon (Playstation) ahead of the competition. Whether this is a timed exclusive has yet to clarified.

It should be obvious that all the major players are willing to spend large sums of money to give their flagship platform the edge. So what does the future hold as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo begin to corral more third-party properties. For starters, if you’re loyal to only one platform, you might want to consider making an additional investment if you begin seeing your favorite multiplatformer’s going the way of the exclusive money train.

With both Sony and Microsoft completing their first year cycle on the market with the PS4 and Xbox One respectively, they have already taking major titles off the multiplatform table. It was recently revealed that Sony’s PS4 had already surpassed the 15 million sold to consumers mark while Microsoft’s Xbox One has sold 8 million, whether this number reflects sold through to consumers, is an ongoing debate. What matters here is staying ahead of the competition in Sony’s case while Microsoft stays vigilant in not only closing the gap but also seeing a return of investment on every Xbox One sold.

Acquiring the most attractive third-party multiplatform titles will play a major part in the future success of the platforms.

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