Playstation Experience Keynote Sets The Stage For A Bright Playstation Future

Sony recently launched the Playstation Experience – and while the event is being held in Las Vegas as a two day event giving attendees a chance to get their hands on some of the new titles landing on Playstation platforms in the coming year, Sony’s initiative is far more than a mere two day celebration. From where we’re standing, our view affirms that Sony is seriously doubling down on all things Playstation, literally shoveling new titles down your throat with a purpose of over flow.

Impressively the Playstation Experience keynote gave no room for cheap jabs at the expense of the competition, who I might add are working their tails off this holiday, so kudos to the big M. From the outset, Sony never rested on their morals, with one aim in mind, games and more games and as usual the term ‘exclusive’ was their calling card, notably getting their point across.


Starting the show off, first party developer Naughty Dog demonstrated the next-gen experience of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, running on the PS4 for over 15 minutes, absorbingly assuring PS4 users that their investment has been a wise one. To express our fondness of the gameplay showcase, our impatience continued to mount with every eye-pleasing aerial take-down and splendid fidelity throughout and this was only the beginning.

Whether Sony’s intentions were to stay your itchy spending dollars this holiday from the competitions platforms, genuinely thanking you for the last 20 years of Playstation support or simply overwhelm you with the idea that Playstation is the best place to play, walking away they certainly got their message across. In doing so, Sony was able to showcase a variety of titles suited to the every gamer; the hardcore, the casual and the on-the-go gamer. We knew more light would be shed on titles like The Order 1886 which left us wanting more, including No Man’s Sky which continues to amaze, as well as MLB 15: The Show and Batman Arkham Knight with the announcement of the PS4 exclusive Scarecrow DLC content. Yet Sony was flexing from all angles.

Darkest Dungeon E

While indie titles got their moment to shine with standouts like Bastion coming to PS4, Orcs Must Die Unchained, Severed, Dungeon Defender II, Skytorn and Shovel Knight, Electronic Arts added their own signature expression of appreciation to the Playstation faithful by offering up three free titles which could be downloaded and played right now in the form of Need For Speed and Mirror’s Edge for PS3 and Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare for PS4 (this free offer last only through the weekend).

For the hardcore wanting that Triple-A fix of the unknown, Sony announced the PS4 exclusive ‘The Forest’, an open-world survival horror built on the premise that rules of the conventional approach are no longer needed. As the developer Endnight Games has expressed, “There are no missions, no NPC’s telling you what to do and no text in the middle of the screen telling you to ‘Follow’.” It’s all on the player and the footage revealed should have the Playstation faithful excited. Another game that more than impressed at the keynote was the PS4 exclusive Until Dawn. When this title was first announced earlier this year, while there was really no in-depth information or footage to sink our teeth into, we were meh about the game…until now! With a reminiscent affinity to Heavy Rain, SuperMassive Games quickly pulled us into their decision based cinematic motion experience of Until Dawn with much satisfaction. Until Dawn has easily shot up the list of must-haves for 2015.


The announcement of Killing Floor 2 coming exclusively to the PS4 certainly got people in attendance excited along with the announcement of Final Fantasy VII coming exclusively to PS4. Interestingly, the footage shown was the same old-school visuals of yester-years. Will this be a remaster, I would like to say I’m sure it will be, however this was not confirmed during the keynote or I simply misheard that portion of the keynote due to butchering of the English language by the Square Enix president (translator please help this man) a great effort nonetheless. Even the PS Vita was finally shown some overdue love with games announced like Geometry Wars, Suikoden I and II, Towerfall Ascension with additional DLC content, Octodad, Super Time Force, Banner Saga and Resident Evil Revelation. Alongside the PS4 release, Broken Age will also be making its way to the Vita.

Other notable titles announced were What Remains of Edith Finch, Tearaway Unfolded, Fat Princes Adventures, Grim Fandango Remastered, Day of the Tentacles, Wattam, Yakuza 5 and Yakuza Dead Souls and Kings Quest. If any announcement made a serious splash during the keynote it was the leaked and confirmed reveal of Street Fighter V coming exclusively to PS4 and PC. Though it was leaked 24 hours earlier, confirmation always has a way of adding to the excitement, and to think that PS4 users will be able to cross-platform compete online against PC gamers, this was certainly a proud moment for the Playstation fans in attendance.

Closing out the keynote, the outspoken and uber-talented creator Dave Jaffe announced the Playstation exclusive developement of Drawn To Death, an incredible concept that is both brilliant and out of the ordinary. The talented team over at The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency (what a cool name) have played this one very close to the chest. There is much under the hood of this new arena shooter. Drawn To Death actually takes place inside the notebook of a creative teenager. This concept is so wild, yet bold and risky. While Jaffe encouraged that what was revealed is pre-alpha footage, the landscape was filled with weird and bizarre drawn art figures or combatants manifested from all of the amazing, passionate, and exciting fantasies that are swimming around in the head of a teenager. You truly have to see this one to understand the ambition, however if you know anything about Dave Jaffe, pushing the development envelope is what he excels at. We certainly have our eyes on this one.

More than 25 games of all shapes and sizes were revealed and or announced during Sony’s day one Playstation Experience Keynote. While the PS4 is most certainly the driving force behind the Playstation momentum today, Sony’s conviction as revealed continues to spread the gaming wealth across all their platforms. There are a plethora of titles coming to Playstation. In fact, shortly after the keynote it was confirmed that Sony Santa Monica are indeed developing a new God of War title, keeping with the idea that more is never enough.

Of course, our desires longed for the reveal of what is being called HORIZON from Guerrilla Games or WiLD from the Rayman creator. We were also hoping to see more on Ninja Theory’s new title Hellblade. Yet even with so many satisfying reveals, Sony leaves you wanting more of what you know is in the works and that’s a good problem to have.

If ever the slogan ‘Greatness Awaits’ shined with relevancy, now would certainly be the time to take this message very serious.

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