Tales From The Borderlands – Episode #1 Review

One thing I hear a lot of people plead for in games are more varied plots and character motivations. The story that Tales From The Borderlands is setting up is one of office politics, unlikely friendships, family and teamwork. All of this is done with the morbid and sarcastic humor of the Borderlands universe. I am an unabashed Borderlands superfan and I have played both games and all the dlc besides the pre-sequel (next gen version, please). I am also a fan of Telltales recent crop of games The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us.

The great thing about this first episode is that it gives Borderlands an “Everyman” tale and gives Telltale a series that does not make you depressed. From Sam and Max to The Walking Dead, you know some Telltale veterans needed a fun and hilarious outlet.

The first episode sets up many new main characters and has cameos from a few main and side characters from Borderlands 2. This series is set after Borderlands 2 in a post handsome Jack dominated Pandora. There is some really great voice acting from both well know voice actors like Nolan North (Uncharted, Shadow of Mordor) and Patrick Warburton (Kronk) to the rest of the voice talent that makes up most of the main characters.


The Telltale formula works out really well with the comical brutality of Borderlands, making me nostalgic of the time I spent with Space Quest. Telltale even had fun with the decisions and the relationship indicator that pops up when significant decisions longer than a normal Telltale episode taken through multiple locales and meeting a great host of friendly, deadly and clueless characters to interact with and beat up when needed.

All episodes of Tales From The Borderlands are only $5, so if you call yourself a Borderlands fan or Telltale Games fan you should definitely take the time to further your understanding this entertaining universe by picking up this episode, we’re sure it’ll grab your attention. If you are new to the genre we recommend you give it a try, you’ll be amazed at the humor, storytelling and choices you get to mold your own story with.


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