Secret Ponchos Review: Fun, Fast and Don’t Forget To Reload

This month of Playstation Plus brings a brand new online multiplayer game. This is the perfect type of game for PS Plus because any friends you meet while playing Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are required to have PS Plus, so Secret Ponchos is free to them. No excuses Johnny! Just download the game so your future soldiers can get some rest and you can get cultured on the Wild West, not really.

Secret Ponchos has a distinct art style of surreal spaghetti western. Very cool visual looks that are unique and make pulling off special moves even more satisfying. The controls are tight and puts the onus on you to pull off shots and make sure your gun is fully loaded before the next melee. Each character is fun to play with and while you may settle on a favorite, it is fun to try and master them all. You may even end up with a new favorite by the time you try them all out.

Secret Ponchos is a twin stick shooter meaning one analog stick moves your character and the other aims your weapon. It is an online multiplayer only game which also is a good mix with PS Plus because theoretically it should have a large install base of free game lovers. Most twin stick shooters are very simple yet Secret Ponchos uses all the possible controller inputs to make the game deep and each character different. There are five different characters to choose from and each has different base stats that affect speed, health, rate of fire, etc.


Each character has their own primary and secondary weapon and multiple alternate firing mode and special moves. While some multiplayer games have different looking characters with maybe a different special move, Secret Ponchos characters are different in many ways. These differences make you think about matchups, your team makes up if playing with friends and which of your attacks is effective in different situations.

There is no character leveling or progressions which would be unfair for new players. There are multiple large levels offering obstacles to take cover behind and run away to when your health runs low. There are also alternate costumes you can buy with real money and the promise of continual updates to build out the game.

At the moment Secret Ponchos is a great addition to anyone’s multiplayer rotation if you are playing alone or with multiple friends. Get on the Playstation Network and download to game and add to the solid player numbers. It is a great free game, stop being lazy and pick your outlaw!


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