Peggle Blast 2 Review: A Solid One-Handed Companion

Peggle Blast is a free-to-play Peggle that offers more levels than its console counterpart Peggle 2. There are tradeoffs, the art style feels like it could be a well done knockoff of the real thing. I feel they made this concession to get the app download size down to 221MB which is not tiny but not huge either. I can appreciate this when I am constantly having to call out game names to my kids to know what games I can delete to free up iPhone space.

The gameplay and physics are practically spot on. That makes this game a great one handed iPhone main stay. I say one handed because I can play it with one hand, which is useful while holding a baby or waiting in line at the store. iPhone games are best when they are addictive and convenient. Peggle Blast has one very unique feature that I am guessing is the name of the game and that is all of your left over balls are then shot randomly by the computer, racking up even more bonus points while your last ball is bouncing around to Ode to Joy.

I found this more fun and motivating than just getting 10K points per ball in Peggle 2. Peggle Blast is a long string of levels per master and all of the masters while familiar are different than other games. Bjorn and his guide special are the first as always but the game deviates after that. Peggle Blast tries to differentiate itself with obstacles like bombs or black sludge on pegs or objectives like hatch the egg or get the gems to the bottom of the screen. These new ideas are nice changes in pace to the normal gameplay.


With all free-to-play games there are hooks that try and get you to spend money. I spent $16 for Peggle 2 on the PS4 with some DLC and have only spent $1 in Peggle Blast over a ton of levels with a lot more to go. After Bjorn’s levels are done they open the next master for free but after that you either have to pay a buck, wait 6 hours or ask friends for help on Facebook. That is what I spent $1 on but at the next set I just waited.

Other things they charge for are extra balls at the end of a level which feels like cheating, ball powerups and extra lives if you fail levels too often. Lives also regenerate over time and you can get ball powerups by watching advertisements. I think the free-to-play hooks are completely fine if you can use self control and take your time playing the game, which is how I think Peggle is meant to be played.

I can always use more of Peggle’s Joy Agony in my life and free Peggle is even better. Peggle Blast’s tight controls and in line physics makes it a great iOS title on the go and brings fun experimental ideas to the franchise.


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