The PS4 and PS Vita Launching In China January 11

The wait will soon be over for Chinese gamers eager to get their hands on the PS4 and PS Vita, as both platforms are confirmed to arrive in China as early as January 11, 2015. With the option of purchasing the PS4 and or the PS Vita in black or white, the systems are said to retail for $468 (2,899 RMB) and $210 (1,299 RMB) respectively.

More than 70 developers and publishers are expected to launch games in China at launch, including Sony’s SCE Worldwide Studios. In support of a sustainable development relationship with the Chinese game developers, Sony is offering a sizable after-sales service for customers, teaming up with as well as Shanghai Oriental Pearl SUOLE Culture Development.

This effort is expected to help bring Chinese developed content to the Playstation platforms.

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