Tales of Zestiria: Namco Bandai Details Its World Set Up

Tales of Zestiria goes back to its ancient roots: epic medieval fantasy – The environments used in the latest game from the long-running series ‘TALES OF’ features castles and old towns, allowing players to freely explore elaborate new places.

From green valleys to spikey mountains and abandoned ruins, players will be transported on an adventure that will cover the whole continent of Glenwood. In his adventure, the main hero, Sorey, will cross path with the Hyland Kingdom army and will discover the fortified town of Pendroga, capital of the Rolance Empire.

Recent Tales of games had strayed from the medieval art style flowing on older releases. Since TALES OF XILLIA, the series veered into a darker territory, setting up the story in more modern times. Tales of Zestiria returns to the franchise’s DNA with clashing swords and a dynamic spell-casting that will surely satisfy all J-RPG & video-games fans.

Tales Of Zestiria will be available in 2015 for Europe, Middle-East and Australasia exclusively on PS3.

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