Zombie Army Trilogy Rising For PS4 and Xbox One This Year – See The New Gameplay Trailer

Rising early 2015, Zombie Army Trilogy gives PS4 and Xbox One gamers their first chance to experience the blood-pumping co-op shooter series that became a cult sensation on PC. Former enemies become allies as the living fight against the dead.

Packed with apocalyptic new content and two eye-popping remasters Zombie Army Trilogy also includes the never-seen-before third installment in the series and a brand new horde mode. Zombie Army Trilogy will be self-published by Rebellion on all formats and will be available for download via PSN, Xbox Live, and Steam for PC. A retail version will also be available.


• Battle through 15 gut-wrenching missions spanning THREE epic campaigns across the irradiated, demon-infested ruins of World War Two Germany.
• Wrestle the occult powers in the campaign and across FIVE terrifying horde maps. Face the horrors alone or fight back-to-back in 2-4 player online co-op.
• Fight as elite sniper, Karl Fairburne or one of EIGHT playable heroes including FOUR new female characters, armed with over 25 iconic weapons and explosive traps.
• Take on legions of Undead Super Soldiers, Armoured Skeletons, Zombie Snipers, Chainsaw Elites, Fire Demons and more, before facing the demonic Hitler himself in a final stand to decide the fate of mankind!
• Bask in the gruesome glow of the infamous X-Ray Kill Cam, and watch in gory detail as rotting flesh and organs are shredded from the inside.
• Experience haunting environments and intense-action, all framed in bloody beautiful 1080p.

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