One Epic Knight Review: A Mobile Runner That Must Stay On My Smartphone

War of the over the back endless runners!

I mainly play my iPhone when I only have one hand to spare and not that much time to spare. I was sorting through the Apple app store trying to find something that appealed to me and just could not get excited for any of the offerings. I then remembered a game from 2012 that I loved but did not play as much as I wanted to. One Epic Knight, a behind the hero endless runner with traps, enemies and caverns to avoid and kill.

One Epic Knight is free in the App Store with only a small amount of free to play hooks and advertisements but not during your runs or player lives. You are an epic knight running through a dungeon picking up gold pieces lined up on the ground and treasure chests scattered throughout the dungeon. There are three lanes in this endless runner and you are doing the normal jumping sliding and changing lanes to avoid the traps, obstacles and enemies but you also pick up swords and shields that allow you to break through walls and traps or slay the slime blobs and orcs that stand in your way. Even through it is from 2012 the graphics look great and the controls are tight and the time from death to starting a run is very minimal.

One very fun thing about One Epic Knight is that the hero ragdolls when he dies and the obstacles and enemies have physics applied to them so everything is being blown to pieces and careening through the air when you blast through them. The thing that gives One Epic Knight replay value is the secret areas that could be behind broken walls that you need a shield to break through. There is also a lot of bounties, upgrade progressions and even new suits, weapons and shields.


Because there are so many games in this genre I wanted to give you a reason to play One Epic Knight over the others. I went through just to make sure One Epic Knight still stood up to its competition new and old. I played the new Pitfall, Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers and Agent Dash and all of these are over the back endless runners. What I found is that this genre has to be one of the biggest free to Play offenders out there. Almost every one of these games lets you spend purchasable currency to keep on playing after death. While I am fine with free-to-play most of the time, this type of practice really begins to take the competition between friends out of the equation. The other thing that really held me back from loving them is the tilt controls – Pitfall and the Temple Run have you tilt around obstacles instead of having lanes you swipe back and forth from and this really messes with the controls and precise movement you need to pull off amazing escapes and runs that you feel good about.

Subway Surfers is a great game and might even be better than One Epic Knight but the art style and attitude made me not want to play it fast. Almost every one of these games does not have physics applied to the hero or enemies so the impact of fails are not felt and only Agent Dash and Pitfall have enemies that you can dispose of. All of these games have similar space requirements of around 100MB if you have a full device. All of these games are great and worth a look if you do not care about the issues I mentioned.

One Epic Knight is a game I will never take off of my phone and one that is fun to come back to for a minute to 30 minutes. It has a great sense of humor, its free-to-play hooks do not get in the way of gameplay and you are constantly finding new things and getting farther and farther into this deep dungeon.


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