Street Fighter V Beta Announced – Watch The First Gameplay Footage of Charlie

With details surrounding Street Fighter V being rather slim at the moment, Capcom it seems has some lofty ambitions for the games upcoming beta.

Street Fighter V which is only coming to PS4 and PC will be the “largest and most ambitious online beta program in franchise history.” Capcom also states that gathering player feedback is essential “will be essential to collect your feedback and to ensure that Street Fighter V is the best iteration yet.”

PS4 and PC gamers who don’t want to be left out of the beta can guarantee their beta access by pre-ordering the game. Again, at the moment there is no real intel of the beta’s content. If you remember, when the game was announced holiday 2014 at the Playstation Experience, it was confirmed that there would be cross-platform play between the PS4 and PC gamers. With Capcom making the statement “largest and most ambitious online beta program in franchise history” this gives us hope that this beta could offer cross-platform multiplayer gameplay.

Watch the first gameplay footage of Charlie as he impressively faces off against Ryu and Chun Li:

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