Orphan Surpasses Kickstarter Strecth Goal – Support Added For PS4 and Xbox One

It started slow and it looked pretty bleak but Orphan surpassed its crowdfunding goal within 36 hours of the campaign’s deadline. In addition, the developer also surpassed their PS4 stretch goal of $36,000 before midnight EST.

“In the last few days the number of daily backers began to grow exponentially,” said Brandon Goins, founder of Windy Hill Studio. “Other studios and developers began to rally around it and promote it to their fans and backers and suddenly what looked impossible a few weeks earlier was suddenly met and then exceeded.”

Orphan is a 2D platformer that blends stealth and action gameplay and an alien apocalypse storyline in an Appalachian setting. The game bears influences from Limbo to Another World and is being developed with GM:Studio which has recently added support for Playstation platforms as well as Xbox One.

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