Final Fantasy Type-0 HD ‘Legacy Lives On’ Trailer Released

Square Enix brings us a new trailer for the soon to be released, Final Fantasy TYPE-0 HD. Featuring fan favorites old and new, the Legacy Lives On trailer highlights many colorful characters and magical moments from the world of the Final Fantasy universe.

Final Fantasy TYPE-0 HD features classic elements you’d expect to see in many of the great Final Fantasy games – from meeting moogles, collecting crystals and exploring the game world on chocobos, to a surprise shooting section in an airship – all of which feature in today’s trailer.

Famous and formidable foes featured in the game can be seen in the trailer include; Behemoth, Gilgamesh, Flan, Iron Giant, Cactuar, Marlborro and Bomb, and Eidolons include Odin, Shiva, Ifrit, Golem and Bahamut. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy without an appearance from Cid, as he plays a surprising role in Final Fantasy TYPE-0 HD.

Enjoy the trailer;

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