War Thunder Introduces the “Walking Tank”

Gaijin Entertainment today announced that War Thunder’s 8 million players will get a chance to experience the unique capabilities of an armored behemoth known as ‘The Walking Tank’. Developed in Top Secret by Soviet Forces at the beginning of World War 2, the ST-1 walking tank was the brainchild of Soviet engineers in a bid to bring truly mobilized firepower to the open battlefield. The concept behind the all-terrain walking tank was to breach battlefield areas where traditional tank formations could not advance, smashing enemy armored divisions in their wake.

Designed to obliterate heavily fortified enemy positions and installations with its heavy main gun, the T-1 was a radical new approach to conventional tank design. The walking tank’s unique design meant it could navigate the deadly hazards of anti-tank obstacles, such as trenches, and was practically impervious to standard anti-tank mines. The War Thunder development team was given exclusive access to Top Secret Soviet archives and design documents to recreate the ‘Walking Tank’ for War Thunder.

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