Game Insider Magazine: Killing Floor 2 Cover Issue Now Available

Killing Floor Cover ImageThe hard working creators at Tripwire Interactive are currently polishing the sequel to their 2009 shooter hit Killing Floor, and we have been in the trenches asking hopefully all the right questions surrounding Killing Floor 2, our latest 12-page cover story.

After catching up with Ruffian Games (Crackdown 2), creative director Billy Thomson was gracious enough to patiently answer our reader’s questions on Hollowpoint, the exciting new shooter coming to PS4 and PC this year. This 10-page feature gets to the core expectations and gameplay insight you’ve been asking for.

In addition, we showcase previews on Everyone’s Gone To The Rapture, Orphan, Dead Effect 2, Until Dawn and Soul Axiom which we’re expecting to all launch in 2015. However, just ask Batman fans how that’s working out for them.

Well, Batman fans would tell you all is well in the land of Gotham as the Batman Arkham Knight delay is only a brief one. In fact, come June we’ll all be singing the Rocksteady praises and in this latest issue we showcase an impressive 7 minute gameplay video which you can’t miss.

This latest 82-page issue is a great one, filled with great news and updates and as always read, watch and enjoy!

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