Hollowpoint: Crackdown 2 Developer Confirms New Shooter A PS4 Console Exclusive

Hollowpoint, the new 2D/3D side-scrolling shooter which was initially announced holiday 2014 during Sony’s Playstation Experience has been officially announced as a PS4 console exclusive…for the time being alongside its PC release. In the latest issue of Game Insider, Hollowpoint creative director Billy Thomson shed light on the possibility of the game releasing for Xbox One.

“Ruffian are still working with Microsoft on the Xbox One right now on other projects and we aim to continue that relationship for as long as possible.” said Thomson.

“The decision to lead with PS4 and PC was a decision made by Paradox and we were more than happy to spread our wings at Ruffian to get some experience on the PS4. Right now there are no plans for Hollowpoint to be released on Xbox One, you never know what could happen in the future between Paradox and Microsoft, but it’s not Ruffian’s decision to make.”


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