‘Atom Universe’ To Become The Next Destination To Former Fans Of PlayStation Home

Atom Universe Demo_20150331212500
Independent games developer Atom Republic have successfully reached their KickStarter target goal for Atom Universe. Atom Universe is not a traditional video game but rather a living, breathing, futuristic virtual-reality theme park offering exciting games and thrilling rides. Remember Playstation Home for PS3 which is now a thing of the past, well Atom Republic has decided to keep the spirit of the Playstaion social hub alive.

Atom Universe is an evolutionary virtual-reality theme park offering fun rides, great mini-games, and places for players to chat, compete, have fun and interact. The initial launch of the game will include a main area and 3 mini-games to play, the shooting gallery, the mini-cart race, and the motor stunts challenge. Atom Republic is also announcing an updated PC playable demo available from here, a demo that now includes a work-in-progress Motor Stunts ride.

PlayStation fans who enjoyed Playstation Home will probably be rejoicing as a free playable demo of Atom Universe on PS4 landed across Europe on Wednesday, April 8th, and today in North America, Thursday, April 9th.

In a recent update on the games crowdfunding page, Atom Republic has highlighted concept artwork for great forthcoming features such as the inclusion of Private Spaces, where players can invite friends to visit, chat and interact in an oasis of serenity called the Mirage Private Space. Furthermore, concept artwork has been unveiled for the games Ghost Train ride, a gameplay experience featuring players on a carriage, equipped with a plasma cannon, beaming down ectoplasms on the attack. Finally, Atom Republic has displayed a thrilling concept of the games futuristic post-launch Roller Coaster, without doubt a centerpiece of the theme park.

Lets hope the talented developers at Atom Republic are considering enhancing this social hub experience with the integration of Sony’s Morpheus virtual headset.

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