New Xbox One Coming with 1TB hard drive?

Could Microsoft be in the works of revealing their new Xbox One model, sporting a robust 1TB hard drive? Well, according to a recent listing from Lamee (spanish retailer), a new Xbox One SKU is on the horizon. While the listing has since been removed, what we find interesting is the fact that the release date reflects a June 23rd launch.

This release date is only 5 days after E3 and the launch date of Batman Arkham Knight. This sort of E3 announcement attached to a competitive price point, potentially bundled with Batman Akham Knight could certainly move some consoles. Just how many is anyone’s guess.

Even with a 1TB hard drive, leveraging the Xbox One alonside the PS4 with an on par or lesser price point is key. Though the image below reveals $449 for the 1TB model, just $50 more than the PS4 and $100 more than your standard Xbox One 500Gb model, the purpose here would be to move more consoles.

Today, Xbox One gamers having the luxury of purchasing an affordable external drive for added storage space and if this finding is true it will be interesting to see just how well console sales pick up with this 1TB model. We would expect a 1TB Xbox One HALO 5: Guardians Bundle to follow.

Here’s the image taken from the retailer:


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