PS4 Taking More Than 60% of Project CARS Sales

With the release of Project CARS, the eye-pleasing new racing simulator from Slightly Mad Studios, the UK sales charts reveals a new king of the hill with the new racer taking the top spot, a feat only one other racing title has held since 2013.

To no ones surprise, while the game has released on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Sony’s flagship platform has significantly ran away with the lionshare of the sales. Project CARS sold a whooping 63% of its total week one sales on the PS4, with 31% of the sales going to the Xbox One and 6% for PC.

While the Xbox One pulled in 31% of the sales, it should be noted that Xbox One users have the pleasure of enjoying two impressive racers in the form of FORZA Motorsprot 5 and FORZA Horizon 2. On the PS4 side of the coin, though DriveClub is certainly an impressive new racing IP offering in this writers opinion the best racing visuals to date, its not yet a household name the likes of Gran Turismo, the most celebrated racing franchise to date.

Thanks Videogamer

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