‘Source’ Utilizing Unreal Engine 4, Coming Q3, 2015 – Watch The New Teaser

Independent game developer Fenix Fire is full steam ahead developing their upcoming action adventure game, Source which is being built on the Unreal Engine 4. Described by PC Gamer as “Metroidvania with wings,” Source is a vast and beautiful action adventure game coming to the PS4, PC and Xbox One in Q3 2015.

“We’re really pushing the boundaries to achieve a jaw-dropping visual experience for the player along with outstanding gameplay,” said Brian McRae, CEO of Fenix Fire. “The Unreal Engine 4 is able to deliver everything we’re looking for to make Source the highest quality experience possible.”

Crafted by a mix of console veterans and junior developers, Source takes players on a surreal adventure, defying imagination in the process. In Source players assume the role of a firefly with the power to harness energy in a dying world. What is causing this widespread disintegration? What can possibly be done to combat such a destructive force?

Immersed in a beautifully detailed world rendered using Unreal Engine 4, players will explore vast worlds, solve mind bending puzzles, and battle fierce creatures while constantly seeking life sustaining energy. Experience the stunning adventure of a lifetime.

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