E3 2015: Ruffian Games Releases The Story Trailer For ‘Hollowpoint’, Coming This Year For PS4 and PC

Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games you’ll still be playing after the collapse of humanity, today released a new teaser-trailer for Hollowpoint, the upcoming Co-op action game for PS4 and PC. Developed by Ruffian Games, [you know, the guys and gals who created Crackdown 2 exclusively for the Xbox 360] the game casts players as corporate mercenaries fighting to gain cash and prestige in the dystopian, cutthroat world of the future. The new trailer expands on the backstory of Hollowpoint’s cruel world, and showcases new footage of the title’s 2D/3D blended gameplay.

In Hollowpoint, players are put in charge of an Organization of highly skilled operatives known as Hollowpoints – the Mercenaries of the 21st century. To survive you must build a squad and develop individual abilities, purchase the best weapons and gear, upgrading them to perfection – and ally with up to 3 other teammates online to get the job done in procedurally generated levels, where nothing is ever “just another mission.”

For more on Hollowpoint, read our full in-depth interview with the games creative director Billy Thomsom, as he details a wealth of intel on this stylish new shooter.

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